Meet the Golden Puppy Who Is Trying to Make the Whole World Smile



Is there anything better than a golden retriever's smile? Jared Kasner and many others say "No." A golden lover and N.Y.C. resident, Kasner desperately wanted one of these friendly Fidos, but didn't have the time or space to give a dog a home. 

"I started an Instagram account curating the cutest golden retrievers I could find. There was so much negativity in the world and I felt that if I could spread the happiness and openness I find in a golden’s eyes to the world," Kasner tells PEOPLE. 

This filled the retriever-shaped hole in his heart until he was able to get a golden of his own. Her name is Glee. 

Now that Kasner is a dog dad, he wants to share Glee and her contagious happiness with the world, to help those fellow pup lovers out there who just can't be a pet parent right now. 

So Glee took over Kasner's Instagram account and the streets of N.Y.C., stopping to meet strangers, give them a smile and post the results online. 

"Her name says it all – she's about optimism and happiness. Nothing gives her more joy than making her followers smile and encouraging them to see life through her rose-colored glasses. She believes the future is golden," Kasner says. 

Glee's Instagram account @Goldens_Glee is filled with pictures of the pup meeting her more than 290,000 followers and making new friends. 

The only thing she asks of her human photo partners, aside from a hug, is that they share with the world what makes them "gleeful." 

The answers are as varied as humans themselves, ranging from things like good friends to great workouts, puppy hugs to coffee jolts. 

"In our busy lives, Glee provides people with a moment to meditate on the things that bring them joy. We hope that by bringing New Yorkers glee, we can help them to see that positivity can unite them. We are in the process of bringing glee to all New Yorkers across the five boroughs. Maybe we'll even do a cross-country trip one day!" Kasner says of future plans for Glee and her mission to bring happiness to everyone. 


Of course, the reactions to Glee's account and all those lucky enough to meet her face-to-fur have been nothing but positive. 

"She loves meeting new people, she’s so playful, and you can see someone’s face turn into a smile just by seeing her. 'You don’t know what kind of day I was having until I saw her' or 'Look at that adorable puppy!’ are not far behind in terms of what people say when they see her," her owner says. 


So keep an eye out for Glee on the streets of N.Y.C., because she is looking for you. 

If you can't make it to the Big Apple, visit her at @goldens_glee on Instagram. She will always have a smile ready.